Who We Serve

Moore & Associates Wealth Management is positioned to assist you in planning and implementing your financial plan, no matter where you are in life. Meredith Moore is licensed to provide financial products for both individuals and businesses. She offers mutual funds, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and retirement plans for companies of all sizes through SIMPLE IRAs, full-service defined contribution plans or defined benefit plans.

But MAWM is not all about selling products. We are about building relationships. Our clients generally fall into one of three categories. Think about where you are. We’ll meet you there.

Mid-Career Professionals

  • Probably already have some investments in real estate, 401(k) plans or the stock market.
  • May need to explore savings and earnings vehicles or receive recommendations for professional advisors to help with writing a will or filing taxes.
  • Meet with Meredith quarterly so comprehensive financial plan can keep up with all the changes during this stage of life, including marriage, children and job changes.
  • Ask Meredith questions such as:
    • Should I max out my 401(k) or is there a better way to invest?
    • Do I need life insurance? What kind and how much?
    • What type of education savings account will maximize both growth and tax savings?

Late Career and Early Retirement

  • Require cohesive strategy for long-term needs, coordinated with other established professional advisors.
  • May need assistance setting up financing for the care of aging parents.
  • Meet with Meredith quarterly to get guidance through retirement spending, investments and arranging for long-term care needs.
  • Ask Meredith questions such as:
    • Have I funded retirement enough? Will I run out of money? How should I take distributions from my retirement accounts?
    • Will I incur a financial burden for my parents’ long-term care expenses? What if I need long-term care for myself of my spouse someday?
    • What kind of estate planning documents do I need?

Business Owners

  • Overlap personal financial goals with needs of current and future business owners and employees.
  • Need to prepare for the eventual sale of the business or “passing of the torch” to key employees.
  • Meet with Meredith quarterly to keep the financial strategy on track through changes and market shifts.
  • Ask Meredith questions such as:
    • What kind of formal succession plan to I need to put in place so I can efficiently pass my business to my spouse or kids?
    • How can I maximize the value of my business if it comes time to sell? Is my operations agreement or my buy-sell agreement up to date?
    • How does my business relate to my estate plan? How do I plan to protect my assets, including against creditors, divorcing spouses or potential lawsuits?
    • What kind of incentives, such as retirement or insurance plans, can I implement to retain key employees?