Wealth Management

Moore & Associates Wealth Management can put all your financial decisions into one playbook. As a financial planner to Atlanta-area clients, Meredith Moore acts as a quarterback for the various plays in your financial game. She will work with your other trusted advisors to help you gain a better sense of where you are, where you want to go and how to get there.

Fee-based Client Relationships

  • Creating a comprehensive plan to meet your goals is first priority for our fee-based clients so you understand the value and purpose behind each financial decision you make. You’ll also know the plan was created objectively, with your best interests in mind. Meredith will get to know you and your dreams for your family or business, develop a strategy to get you where you want to be, and guide you through implementation.
  • Your financial plan will include current assets and liabilities, estate perpetuation, tax planning strategies, risk management, retirement, and wealth management.
  • Behind the scenes, Meredith will work with your other advisors as needed. She’ll meet with you quarterly to report, answer questions and address changes.
  • Meredith is licensed to help you implement your strategy through policies and investments. However, your strategy is based solely on your success, not a sales goal. See our Client Services page for a full list.
  • The MAWM team will provide you a Financial Organizer for the all the statements and reports that fill your mailbox, from insurance documents to prospectuses, and update it with you at quarterly reviews.
  • You will enjoy access to eMoney, an online system that allows you to link all of your financial and insurance accounts, track for your retirement, and securely store electronic copies of legal documents.