Comprehensive Planning Process

1. Establish the Relationship

To begin, we will review your current situation, outlook, and objectives and spend time to get to know you and understand your wants and needs.

2. Crystallize Goals and Gather Data

Every individual has a unique set of circumstances and, as a result, we spend time to collect information on your situation and create an initial balance sheet with your data. We will also uncover your goals, dreams, and objectives - the things that really matter to you.

3. Education and Analysis

Over the course of several meetings, we will share with you our full analysis of your situation, including the Moore Wealth Stress TestTM that will help you see how your wealth, your plan, and the different decisions you may make can impact your goals and stack up under various economic scenarios. We will then educate you on investing and financial issues so you will have comfort in knowing the possibilities and understanding solutions.

4. Recommend a Plan

After stress testing and our full analysis is complete we will layout a suggested plan, backed by quantitative findings, and discuss specific solutions that can help you achieve your financial goals.

5. Implementation

We will move forward to implement your plan by completing paperwork with you and working to make your beneficiary designations. We will also work with any of your other professionals, as necessary, to help coordinate your financial, tax and legal affairs.

6. Review and Monitor

Ongoing service and communication will be discussed and together we will agree upon the frequency of your account review meetings. We also deliver a financial organizer customized for your investments, retirement products, estate plan, emergency contacts, and insurance that you may hold. You will be set up with access to our Client Command center where you can retrieve up-to-date information about your accounts. Then, on an ongoing basis we will meet with you to discuss any life changes, progress to your goals, and work with you to keep your program on track.