The Client Experience

For most clients, working with Meredith Moore and the team at MAWM signifies a proactive step in building a long-term relationship with a financial advisor and consolidating financial decisions. Here's what you can expect from our fee-based approach to financial planning:

  • The focus is completely on you, your objectives and the best options for your preferred outcome.
  • You are more than a transaction or two. You are a person, a family, a business with specific needs and your own unique goals for the future. Meredith and the MAWM team are interested in learning about you and building a relationship.
  • We know your objectives may change over time, so we approach financial planning as a dynamic, ongoing process that accommodates changes in your circumstances, tax laws and the economy.
  • You probably already have some trusted advisors, such as a CPA or estate attorney. Meredith can work directly with them. Our team wants to build on your established relationships and the plans you already have in place, not replace them. If there's an area where you need a new professional advisor, we can offer suggestions.
  • You will experience fee transparency. When we recommend a transaction, we think of you first, and we are up front and clear regarding our compensation.
  • You will be informed. We communicate consistently, providing required ongoing reviews. Depending on your needs, Meredith will meet with you quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Locations near Perimeter Mall or in Roswell are available for your convenience.
  • Between meetings, we will send newsletters, market updates, invitations to client appreciation events, and other articles that are always relevant and informative.
  • You will receive a high level of service that has made Meredith one of the elite financial advisers in the industry and earns her wide recognition and esteem in the local community.


We deliver:

  • A personalized, comprehensive financial plan, including retirement planning, estate planning, tax minimization strategies, asset management, risk management and insurance.
  • Quarterly reports evaluating your current financial status and measuring progress toward your goals.
  • A Financial Organizer for all your financial documents and planning reports so that all your documents are at your fingertips.
  • Access to Wealth Management Solution, an online financial system that allows you to link your financial accounts, including savings, checking, as well as your retirement plans and various investments. The system updates daily the values of all accounts, so you no longer need to access multiple accounts to view your current net worth. It also offers an encrypted vault to hold and provide quick access to important legal documents such as wills, trusts, and business operating agreements.