The Moore & Associates Wealth Stress TestTM

Every year, the Federal Reserve conducts stress tests on some of the largest financial institutions to evaluate their financial health. We do a similar thing for our clients to give you a clearer picture of your possible financial risks and solutions.

The Moore Wealth Stress TestTM helps you see how your wealth, your plan, and the different decisions you may make can impact your goals and stack up under various economic scenarios. Our tool runs a multitude of scenarios to identify solutions and possible “pot holes” so we can engineer towards the best options for your future. Our belief is that the most important life decisions affecting your money should not be based on intuition, but quantitative analyses.

The Moore Wealth Stress TestTM helps you answer questions like:

  • Do I have enough saved for the unexpected?
  • Am I taking too much risk in my portfolio?
  • Can I maintain my lifestyle through retirement?
  • Am I ready for health care costs?